March 16, 2018

Once Is Enough

With proper training, your dog will only need to be told a command one time before exhibiting that behavior. 

After giving your dog a command, if he doesn't do it, physically place him in the position that you were expecting. (i.e. sit, down, off). 

Once you give the dog a command, he must keep doing it until you release the dog or give another command. Choose a release word and always use the same one (i.e.OK). 

Commanding your dog to sit and allowing him to get up whenever he feels like it defeats the purpose of giving the command. This can be dangerous if you were trying to use a life-saving command and the behavior only temporarily stuck.

Do not use interchangeable commands. Instead, use different words for every command. For example, "off" when your dog is jumping and "down" for him to lay down.



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